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Ever since Diablo IV was announced at Blizzcon 2019, fans have been excited. It has the players of the game on its feet. Although no release date has been announced as of now, lovers of the franchise have been poking around, looking for any news on the game. Diablo is one of the greatest RPG titles out there. It is the go-to game for the dungeon crawler fanatics. Although there is some fierce competition, the Diablo franchise has always managed to surprise the gamers and stay on top of their game.

Diablo IV has released some information about their game. But it seems that they want to keep most of the things as a surprise. Earlier, they said that the game would have cross-play features. Meaning people playing on any platform would be able to play with each other. They also revealed that the game would be totally open and occasionally you would run into other players. This time again we’re here with some more Diablo IV trivia.

Customizable PC Controller

This is another feature that has been confirmed by Blizzard entertainment. They have said that their new game will support the controller for their PC version of the game. The game will allow you to seamlessly switch between the two. Any skill or ability will be customizable for the player. Any key can be bonded for these skills as per the player. This will help to elevate the player experience and will allow for more compatibility. As mentioned above, since there is cross-platform support for the game, customizable keys will help the players to coordinate in a better manner.

One of the most notorious aspects of the previous games was the left-mouse button problem. There was no provision to rebind the left-mouse button. Now, this has been improved. Players will now have the option to rebind the left-click in any way they want.

Blizzard has said that the game will be on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. They have cautioned that the game will not be dropping anytime soon. But we expect that it will outsell the previous versions of the franchise.

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