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As we move into the 3rd season of Fortnite. The game has decided to sweeten the deal by adding Aquaman skin and many appreciatable changes to the map.

Here is what we know!

Needless to say that since the company is into the hush mode right. This proves from our earlier introduction about the Aquaman skin. That Fortnite may be going all out with a water-based season. Which will have huge changes!

Season 3 of chapter 2 

Looking at the overall theme of Season 3 of chapter 2. This will apparently be all water-based. Just as we saw a Deadpool is an unlockable skin in Fortnite’s current season. Aquaman will be a brand new skin in the new and upcoming season. According, to a YouTuber.


Changes in the Map

Now that it is clear that the changes will be made around a water theme. we will also see Aquaman’s DC-based brethren will be apparently be featured in the new battle pass.

Every season fortnight comes with Map changes. Additionally, water will be heavily featured and added extensively throughout the map. Water is currently used in bay areas and rivers.

But the new season looks to add something more special to it. Players will now be able to dive underwater in Fortnight. This is something that was never expected. Additionally, sharks will be added to the game.

They are rideable in the water. Which is parallel to Aquaman himself as he mounts on a sea beast. With that in mind, a new aquatic vehicle may also be in the season.

All of this information and the upcoming ones have been received from various leaks. So, we do advise our readers not to believe anything until they see some valid proof.

Many players also wonder that if Fortnite can regain the steam it had over the past the years. However, that seems to have been lost. Ninja has ideas on how Fortnite can regain the lost stardom it once had.

But in the end, we all know that Epic Games probably knows the best decision for this. Till that time an exciting water-based season would definitely be helpful to keep the spirits up!

Written By – Sejal Bhatnagar 

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