Fortnite’s grenades remain disabled after being removed from the game last week, and players are divided over whether they should even come back to the game at all. Epic Games removed grenades to address an exploit that let players throw multiple grenades at once for massive damage.

This isn’t the first time that grenades have caused problems for Fortnite, either because of bugs or just their power compared to other weapons. Previous battle pass challenges have been disrupted when Fortnite wasn’t tracking grenade damage properly, and another widespread bug last year kept some players from using grenades at all by bringing up the projectile arc when they pressed the button assigned to throw projectiles. Even when things are working as intended, grenades have been a source of problems throughout Fortnite’s history. Players used to be able to carry 10 grenades in one inventory slot, which led to some complaints that they were too powerful near the end of matches when lots of characters were stuck together in a small space. Epic changed that late last year, reducing the maximum size of a grenade stack down to six.

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The latest issue with grenades is a clear bug rather than a problem with their intended behavior. The Fortnite Status Twitter account tweeted last week that grenades were being temporarily suspended to deal with an undisclosed issue, which is assumed to be an exploit uncovered shortly before. By changing Fortnite‘s keybinding for “fire” to mouse wheel up or down, players could throw several grenades at once. While they still appeared to be throwing a single grenade, each throw would cause multiple explosions for massive damage.

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It’s obvious that the exploit needs to be addressed, but some players are arguing that Epic should take the radical step of removing grenades from Fortnite altogether rather than just getting them back to normal. Despite numerous attempts by Epic to make them less powerful, grenades are still considered to be a nuisance by some players for how much damage they can do quickly. Of course not every player feels the same way, and some are eagerly awaiting their return, but Fortnite Status’ post about removing grenades got dozens of replies from players saying that Epic should just send grenades to the vault for good.

A well placed grenade can be a powerful tool, and both casual and competitive Fortnite players have voiced their frustration with grenades’ power for a while now. Still, removing such a big part of the game wouldn’t be a decision for Epic to make lightly, as there’s a lot more that goes into maintaining balance in competitive games than what any player sees in a given match. That’s not to say that grenades will never go away or get another big nerf, but they’re not likely to stay gone for long this time.

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Fortnite is available now on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

Source: Fortnite Status/Twitter

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