Talocan, a 17-year-old Fortnite sensation, is the game’s highest level player thanks to an unconventional strategy.

Talocan, a 17-year-old Fortnite sensation, is the game’s highest level player thanks to an unconventional strategy.

Fortnite Battle Pass has spawned a long list of serial grinders, whose names have appeared on official leaderboards since the game’s inception. If you’ve followed the game since the beginning, you might remember some of Fortnite’s biggest names griping over their place on the leaderboard in the total “kills” or “wins” categories.

Battle Pass level however, isn’t a statistic kept under official tally by Epic Games, which makes Talocan’s story even stranger. The German-based Fortnite player isn’t a streaming personality or a competitive superstar. He’s simply a kid whose coronavirus-induced break from school has given him the time he needs to amass a ridiculous amount of XP. Although an unofficial record, it’s safe to say Talocan’s status at the top is pretty much untouchable, as the next-best player to come forward is close to 200 levels behind him.

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How does he do it? The tactic of choice for Talocan is an offshoot of the age-old Team Rumble grinding strat. Team Rumble pits two teams of 50 against each other and lets players respawn into the same game without waiting in a queue, which makes it the perfect game mode for completing challenges and racking up XP.

What makes Talocan’s strategy unique is his focus on opening loot boxes. By entering Team Rumble matches at a POIs, opening all of the loot boxes, and then leaving the match, he’s now just shy of his goal of reaching level 600 before the season ends.

Of course, you also have to play an absurd amount to reach such stratospheric levels as Talocan. Talocan recently had to take to Twitter to rebuke a claim that he spends 16 hours a day playing Fortnite.

Season two has drawn criticism from casual players for the level of commitment it requires to reach level 300, which is where the top Battle Pass prizes are handed out. Talocan’s popularity, however, has inspired many players to mimic his strategy to get there. As Eurogamer’s Emma Kent points out, some of those players have even had run-ins with Talocan himself in the process.

The end of Fortnite’s Season Two is pushed back to June 4th. So, if you’re not Talocan, there’s still some time left to max out your Agent Peely skin.

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