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Reviews 2019 Full Review showed up on our radar in Mar, 2019 through a spam referral link, which I might add is not a great way to start off. This reward website claims to be the #1 free earning Robux site that is Simple with High Payouts, and Innovative. Lets dig into ClaimRBX and see how they stack up today. Below is the full review as of Mar, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

Robux Stock – Above Average

As you all know my baselines for stock is 20,000+ Robux. Based on what I’ve seen this is the ideal number to keep users from bitching about lack of stock or inability to payout. In this case ClaimRBX just passes with 25,631 robux in stock. As a whole this is not bad but by no means the best which is well over 100k stock.

Payouts – Fail

Unfortunately this is where things fall apart! ClaimRBX unfortunately has one of the lowest payouts going and barely higher than the current worst rewards website

Minecraft Quiz:
Lowest Payout: 2.0 R$ –
Low Payout: 2.1 R$ –
Average Payout: 3-4 R$ – 100% more
Highest Payout: 7$ – 250% more –

ClaimRBX much like EarnRobux is without a doubt taking advantage of every single user. It is hard to truly understand the motive behind the owner outside of filthy greed.

Decision Time – Obvious

While ClaimRBX is not my cup of tea it does seem to be generally accepted. Unfortunately for me and anyone else grinding offers for robux is likely going elsewhere.

Design – Poor

Overall it appears like any other rewards template. You see pretty generic layout with available funds, completed offers, and online now. Nothing unique or overly interesting here and hard to verify if any of this is real or just fluff. You can tell whoever runs this only cares about themselves and how much he/she can pocket given the payout info above.

The one thing I can’t figure out is the innovative claim. But I guess when you straight up lie about being the #1 earning robux site with high payouts (which are in fact the lowest payouts), then I can see why one more lie wouldn’t hurt. All good things come in threes!


Perks – Fail

There is not much here, which again makes me wonder where all of this innovation is hiding. All I see are ways for the owner to earn more and less ways for me. They have an hourly giveaway that even after joining I only have 0.00000% chance of winning a lame ass 25 robux.

The only real perk I see here is the perk in the owners bank account.

Take Away – Hard Fail full 2019 review fails hard on so many levels. The only thing are they passed was stock with an above average score. Otherwise this rewards sites seems more interested in lying about their stellar payouts and super innovation. Which sums this up as owned by a douche that is only interested in filling his bank account. I think a fitting label for ClaimRBX is LameRBX.

If you are looking for some top rewards sites checkout Best Rewards Website for Free Robux in 2019 for a few free robux websites that do not suck.

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