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Reviews 2019 Full Review showed up on our radar when reviewing and as we later discovered numerous others. Regardless lets take a look and see how stacks up compared to others. Below is the full review as of Aug, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

It is also worth mentioning everyone appears to be using these exact match domains (EMD) vs real brands. This tends to lower trust and is generally considered low quality and spammy. Which is a fail given rewards websites are trust based. – This Review

All I have to say is what the actual….. I just picture a bunch of dumb kids copying each other and hustling honest users with no intentions of actually paying them out. Otherwise I cannot see any real reason for the bullshit above.

Robux Stock – Fail

As you all know my baseline for stock is 20,000+ Robux. Based on what I’ve seen this is the ideal number to keep users from bitching about lack of stock or inability to payout. At the time of writing has ZERO robux in stock.

No Stock - 2019 Full Review

For the love of all things good, do not do offer at a rewards website with ZERO stock.

Payouts – Below Average lands just behind the average 4 R$ for the same offer giving it a below average rating. However this is still 100% lower than the highest ranking reward website which pays 7+ R$ for the same offer. Plus since this website does not have stock it pretty much renders payouts useless.

Payouts - 2019 Full Review

Decision Time – Obvious

Since has no stock and below average payouts our best suggestion is to move on. There is no point calling this rewards site your home.

Design – Fail/Clone

Clearly no effort at all went into the design or even setup of This is a basic template with no branding or real design elements. Which likely validates my assumption earlier about dumb kids just trying to scam real users. Which is why a lot of people think rewards websites do not work when in fact they do. In cases like this they work but the owner is just keeping the payouts.

Perks – Fail

There are no worth perks. Just your basic referral setup and a new giveaway which only amount to about 15 robux with well over 100 entries. Do the math on that, your odds of wining are so close to zero it is not even funny.

Take Away – Fail

This website misses on everything and while it is not worst rewards websites, it is very close. If you want to compare this to our top ranked offer website you will quickly understand why I had to leave the rating at fail.

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