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OPRewards 2019 Full Review has been around for years. In a small way I feel that older more established rewards websites should be better all around. Lets take a peak and see how this rewards site stacks up compared to the Best Free Robux Rewards Websites in 2019 and if the owner/s are doing all they can to make OPRewards the best. Below is the full review as of Apr, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

Robux Stock – Above Average

If you have read any of my previous posts you would already know my baseline for Robux stock is 20,000+ minimum. At the time of this article OPRewards has 55k robux which is definitely above the average rewards website. My only concern is that the groups change so frequently I cannot help imagine these are all purchased. Which implies we are all likely being paid in poisoned robux. Otherwise there is no real reason for the constant group changes.

Payouts – Fail

Unfortunately OPRewards is another rewards website that consistently has low payouts and is on part with our two worst rewards websites and If you are using any of these robux rewards sites on a regular basis you are in fact losing about 100-200% of your potential earnings. Which means they are going directly into the owners pocket instead of yours.


Decision Time – Obvious

While OPRewards has stock it fails hard on payouts. Unfortunately for me and anyone else grinding offers for robux is likely going elsewhere.

Design – Average

While OPRewards has its own unique design I cant help but feel like something is missing. The overall layout and design is average at best. For such an established rewards site I am surprised OPRewards has not invested more on their design/brand.

Perks – Poor

OPR has an unusual gambling element called, “Jackpot”. Personally I do not feel like gambling elements really belong in any website heavily used by kids and teenagers. Besides this they have the basic hourly giveaway which really only amounts to a few robux at best. I believe this is used only as a time suck as the odds of winning are essentially 0.00001 percent.

Overall I am again surprised such an established site is not doing more.

Take Away – Average

OPRewards full 2019 review fails is average at best and I honestly feel this older established rewards site could be doing a lot more. While they succeed in a few areas with at least an average score I wish their payouts were better. Failing this core element of a rewards site should not be happening on OPR.

If you are looking for some top rewards sites checkout Best Rewards Website for Free Robux in 2019 for a few free robux websites that do not suck.

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