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Reviews 2019 Full Review showed up on our radar in Jan, 2019 through a referral link. At first glance I was a little hesitant to join that day and actually ended up waiting over a week before completing my first offer on It did not take me long to realize this place is unlike a lot of other rewards websites in many good ways. Below is the full review of PaidViewer as of Jun, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

Robux Stock – Epic

My base standard for Robux stock is 20,000+ minimum stock at all times. No offer website should be operating under this amount, and this is even more important if only one payout method is available.

At the time of writing has 104,213 robux in stock for instant payout. Which is well over the minimum and what I find even more interesting is that the robux is clean. The typical standard for rewards website like OPrewards for instance is to buy groups. Which means you constantly moving around to new groups to payout. However, the concern here is that if Robux is bought there is no guarantee it is not poisoned, which can result in getting termed.

Not only does PaidViewer have an impression stock of clean robux. They also have Ethereum, Bitcoin, Discord Nitro, Discord Nitro Classic and various gift-cards all ready for instantly pay out. I have yet to see an rewards website like PaidViewers impressive stock and ability to pay out instantly.

Payouts – Epic

Payouts are always at the center of any rewards website and does not fail here. In fact they are currently ranked #1 across all known offers sites for the highest payouts. They often exceed other websites by at least 100% and in some cases as much as 300% for the same offers. We use Minecraft Quiz from AdGate as our base test.

Minecraft Quiz:
Low Payout: 2 R$
Average Payout: 3-4 R$ – 100% more
Highest Payout: 7$ – 250% more – Ranked #1 is without a doubt the place you want to be if Payouts concern you. And they should since grinding on rewards websites for free robux can be time consuming.

Decision Time – Obvious ranks #1 in both Robux stock and Robux Payouts. It is without operating on another level when compared to typical rewards websites. I have yet to come across anything even remotely similar or close in the past six months.

Design – Great

Their overall design is great but given the above I’d like to see some time and effort invested here to make their design excellent. Likely this is just due to a core focus on robux stock, robux payouts and ensuring the core aspects are top notch. Often when I come across fancy designs the reward websites fail on both stock and payouts. So for now congrats to PaidViewer for such an outstanding job on both.

Perks – Epic

PaidViewer’s perks are no joke. This websites offers some of the best perks of any rewards site running. At first glance you see a leaderboard with daily, weekly, and monthly leaders followed by a 15% lifetime bonus on all referrals, which is typically 10% on other rewards websites.

Giveaways on PaidViewer are shockingly high. The last giveaway I won netted me 2,500 free robux in their daily giveaway. While most websites offer trivial amounts that are really just not worth it overall. At the time of writing PaidViewer’s Robux Giveaway has paid out over 500,000, a rather substantially amount overall.


To wrap this up on a high note this is a unique perk I have not seen anywhere. PaidViewer has over 75+ badges you can collect that all impact your payout multiplier. I recently collected the “25 Offers Completed” badge which boosted my payout multiplier by 1% overall. The cool part is this affects everything from payouts to even referral commissions. At the time of writing I am earning 16.4% more than a new user. Which also boosts my overall payouts a lot over time.


Take Away – Ranked #1 ranks #1 across all rewards websites to date. They offer extensive robux stock and back it up with alternate payout options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Discord, and various gift-cards.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stanley

    August 11, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    WOW Paidviewer sounds epic! I need to check this website out and start earning myself some sweet sweet robux!!!

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