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Reviews 2019 Full Review was one of the first kids on the block with the new .gg domain name which essentially means good game. However, every day more new and new .gg domains keep popping up with similar names and even clones like While it is unclear if this is the same owner it certainly looks bad. Lets dig into and see how they stack up today. Below is the full review as of May, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

Robux Stock – Epic

As you all know my baselines for stock is 20,000+ Robux. Based on what I’ve seen this is the ideal number to keep users from bitching about lack of stock or inability to payout. At the time of writing has 197,123 robux in stock, however it is unclear if this was recently purchased or not. My advice as always is to make sure the robux is clean.

Payouts – Above Average

While they are not one of the top websites payout wise, about 40 percent behind the rewards website currently ranked #1 in full reviews. They are at least offering fair payouts. Given the level of stock and the fair payouts this website at least has some potential.


Decision Time – Obvious has the core requirements but falls short in overall payouts. You could certainly make this your home as it is easily in the top 20 percent of robux reward websites.

Design – Poor/Clone

While design does not truly affect the core requirements it does affect us in an emotional way. Personally I cannot stand these cloned websites or worse owners who setup duplicate websites instead of focusing on their existing domain/brand.

Unfortunately has one of the worst designs I have seen. So much in fact it basically looks like a starter template that was not updated or changed in any way. Which is likely why the clone exists today.

Perks – Fail

From what I can tell there is only one perk, their Faucet, which works exactly the same was as a giveaway. However, upon loading the faucet today it is apparently broken!


Take Away – Average

I really wanted to give an above average rating today. They get the core requirements which is really the key to any successful rewards website. However, they really shit the bed when it comes to Design, Perks, and overall depth. If I was to pick one site as a top contender this is it, provided they step up and make an effort.

If you want to compare this to our top ranked offer website you will quickly understand why I had to leave the rating at average.

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