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Reviews 2019 Full Review showed up on a discord channel and I decided to take a look and report back to everyone here. At first glance this rewards website has a very template vibe so it goes without saying this one won’t gain any point in the design category. Below is the full review of as of Jun, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

Robux Stock – Fail

My base standard for Robux stock is 20,000+ minimum stock at all times. No offer website should be operating under this amount, and this is even more important if only one payout method is available.

At the time of writing has 74 robux in stock for instant payout! What the actual ….. are we suppose to expect when they have less than 100 robux in stock. Maybe this rewards website is called Gold because the own is earning huge. 2019 Full Review - Zero Robux Stock

The frequency at which we see reward websites with zero stock is terrifying. This is actually developing into a trend.

Payouts – Fail

Compared to the rest of our reviews has one of the lowest payouts online. They are currently offering 2.8 R$ for a common minecraft quiz by AdGate. The average payout based on our research is 3-5 R$ and the highest ranked reward website is paying 7+ R$ for the exact same offer. 2019 Full Review - Low Robux Payouts

I would sum up as a form of fraud given the fact the owner is pocketing the majority of the actual earnings while the user gets peanuts for grinding offers all day.

Decision Time – Obvious

There is absolutely no point in making a reward website with zero stock and low payouts your home. There are far better places that can guarantee stock is available and payouts are actually worth your effort.

Design – Fail/Clone

Since the complexity level of this website is basically zero, I have to assume another kid messing around. I am definitely getting sick of these scam rewards sites where the only goal is to earn money by hustling the poor souls grinding offers all day.

Perks – Fail

Zero perks, the only thing I see on this website is a Giveaway (Broken). 2019 Full Review - Zero Perks

Take Away – Fail

I can definitely see a trend developing here with low end basic rewards websites with no stock, low payouts, and basic templates. And I suspect this is developing into a form of new fraud and or scam that benefits the owner vs the user grind offers all day for free robux.

However, there are some truly great rewards websites and to leave this on a positive note I highly recommend checking out the highest ranking rewards website for 2019 with 100k robux stock, payouts exceeding 7 R$ for the same offers plus an insane amount of cool perks and bonuses. Stop wasting your time with bullshit reward websites!

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