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Reviews 2019 Full Review showed up on our radar as a cloned rewards site matching and and from what I can tell this appears to be the worse of the three. Anyway lets dig into RoRewards and see how they stack up today. Below is the full review as of Aug, 2019 based on robux stock, payouts, design, and my final takeaway.

Robux Stock – Fail

As you all know my baselines for stock is 20,000+ Robux. Based on what I’ve seen this is the ideal number to keep users from bitching about lack of stock or inability to payout.

In this case RoRewards has zero stock! Which means they have no robux to pay you. This absolutely necessary for any rewards based website. If you do offers and they have no means to pay you out, guess who keeps all the money?


Payouts – Fail

Unfortunately this is where things fall apart on an Epic level. Based on this I have to assume this is not the same owner as or is paying 1 R$ for the same quizzes other rewards websites pay between $2 R – $7 R, can you believe this? The average is between 4-5 R$ and the reward website currently ranked #1 is paying out 7 robux for the same quiz.

It is hard to truly understand the motive behind the owner outside of filthy greed.


Decision Time – Obvious

Absolutely no one should be using RoRewards period. They have no stock, pay outs are 300 percent less and this is just a cloned copy of similar rewards websites that pay more and actually have stock. This websites should just be deleted.

Design – Fail/Clone

As this is a clone and a bad one at that there is simply no point in talking about this website.

Perks – Fail

None, this website it not even worth a penny.

Take Away – Hard Fail

RoRewards is without a doubt tied for last place with an equally bad robux rewards website.

If you are looking for some top rewards sites checkout Best Rewards Website for Free Robux in 2019 for a few free robux websites that do not suck.

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