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Avoiding Roblox Scams in 2019

At this point, I’m almost wondering if every single player in Roblox has been scammed at one point or another. Even the best of us have a moment of weakness and click the wrong link, visit the wrong website, send the wrong person robux, and so on.

Submit your Roblox Scam and we will post it here!

Free Robux Generators in 2019

Guess what! You would be shocked to learn these generators actually work. You can easily earn thousands of robux for free. Sound familiar? This is 100% bullshit and if you are this gullible I truly feel your pain. If you’ve fell for this I sincerely hope you learned something.

Avoid Free Robux Generators in 2019 - 100% Scam

Free Robux Hacks in 2019

Seriously do you really think your going to pull of a hack for free Robux? This actually reads more like, “Hello Lemming, Please come to my website so I can hack you!” The only thing happening here is you are going to hacked vs you actually hacking Roblox.

Free Robux Rewards Websites 2019

It is important to note that there are in fact real rewards websites run by companies. However, we have seen massive growth in rewards websites that have no stock or do not payout rewards.

Rule #1 – Make sure they have stock and payout instantly. If they do not leave immediately!

Rule #2 – Make sure they actually pay out! Do an easy offer and make sure you are instantly rewarded. If they do not, leave immediately.

Rule #3 – Make sure the payout is fair! Scam based rewards websites offer 200-400% less rewards than real rewards websites. Essentially while you grind away completing offers for free robux the owner is filling his pockets while you earn pennies.

If you want help finding a top ranked rewards website, you should checkout our Best Reward websites for Free Robux in 2019 and for more information.

Submit your Roblox Scam

Of course if you have a Roblox Scam we will certainly add it to our list and let everyone know what to look for and how to avoid being scammed on Roblox. [email protected]

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