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Is it possible to get free robux for roblox?

Is it possible to get free Robux?

To kick this off on a positive note, yes it is 100% possible! There are a few options for free Robux, some good and of course some bad. For obvious reasons avoid any websites with hack, crack, or exploit in the title or description. Seriously it is just not worth it!

The Bad

Unfortunately most of these website are run by teenagers, none of the code works, the offerwalls fail and are rarely setup properly. Worse in many cases they are setup to fail on purpose so they keep your payout. You leave thinking it didn’t work while the owner, likely 12, gloats to his or her friends. If you are new to this don’t worry, we will definitely help you out today. And if you have experience with reward websites you already know exactly what I am talking about.

Think you can guess the first question everyone asks? About 99.9% of the time the first question you ask yourself is, “Is this legit?”, and this is because the majority of these websites are not. Or in some cases they do work but they buy stock, which means it’s guaranteed to be poisoned Robux and get you termed.

The known

Consider the larger rewards websites like oprewards, point2prizes, and grabpoints. If you want various payout options like gift cards these might be your best option. However, if you are specifically interested in Free Robux there are far better options, with far better payouts. These are the known corporate reward websites. On average you will typically earn about 40-50% more free robux through the options below.

The best

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I stumbled on a website called PaidViewer a few months back and it is simply insane. Everyone reading this thread needs to know about this website. I’ve been using PaidViewer for a little over six months now and recently spoke with the owner to find out what separates them from the rest. Here are a few of the questions I asked them.

What is one thing you have other reward websites lack?
“Without a doubt, our team is elite! Rewards sites are pretty technical and require tracking to ensure users actually complete offers and server integrations to ensure users are paid out. This is actually where a lot of reward sites fail.”

Why are your payouts so high compared to other rewards sites?
“Well two reasons actually. The first is just honesty, the users are the ones completing the offers, so they deserve the lions share. And the second is through premium partnerships, pay us anywhere from 20-40% more than other websites.

Free Robux is a hot topic, some love it and some hate it. What is your opinion?
“My theory is that this is no different than anything else. If I gave you $5 right now, what harm would that do? There is no difference if I spend that $5 or you spend that $5. In the end the money goes right back into the local economy. And in this case it just happens to be a game.

What is next for PaidViewer? Anything big on the horizon?
“Yes in fact we have just finalized a deal with Razer and will be giving away and selling Razer Gold coins. We truly love Roblox but this new opportunity opens a new door that allows users to payout directly to 2,000+ games. So we think this is pretty epic!”

Lets be realistic right now, I cannot think of even one rewards website that truly competes on the same level as PaidViewer. I’m not sure about you but I have personally used over 20+ rewards websites to date. At least 85% of them are junk and or barely work on a basic level, the next 10% have fancy designs but are 2000% shady. There are really only a handful of quality reward websites like PaidViewer.

Here are some payouts from a few websites I’ve used over the past months. I tend to use the Minecraft Quiz from AdGate to compare.

Frankly, they are all the same, they claim to have high payouts but the majority don’t and many do not even work or they do but the owner just pockets the money.

PaidViewer – Minescraft Quiz – 35 Credits (7 RBX)

  • 133% more than ClaimRBX
  • 66% more than Rocash
  • 40% more than OPrewards and RBXgg


Now lets talk about why I think this website is simply insane. As if the payouts are not enough reasons already. I would not be surprised your already signing up… Paidviewer

  • Clean Robux
  • Instant Payouts
  • Daily/Weekly Leaderboard
  • Crazy Giveaways

One of my favorite things is the way they setup their giveaways to rewards active members. Every time I complete an offer I am automatically entered into the daily giveaway. And the more offers I complete the more entries I get into that days giveaway. As I write this the daily giveaway is over 500 RBX and the weekend giveaways are 2,500 RBX. So on top of already high payouts, I have more opportunities for FREE robux!

Over the years I’ve seen a trend in games that include collectible badges and payout multipliers. This is the only website I’ve seen that has both and actually makes use of them in an interesting way. It reminds me a little of Call of Duty but in this case as you collect badges your payout multiplier increases.

Right now they have 75+ collectible badges that range in difficulty. You get your first badge by simply verifying your email, completing your first offer, completing your first payout and so on. It starts off easy and gradually gets more complicated.

The truly awesome part is how collecting badges increases your payout multiplier from 1% to as much as 50% if you collect every single badge. Right now I have a multiplier of 16% which affects all of my completed offers and referrals. So I am earning even more now. In fact on that Minecraft Quiz I mentioned earlier I’d earn 41 Credits or 8.2 robux, which is just insane.

For me the last big bonus is referrals. I tend to be rather social and share my referral link with friends and in my social media channels. If you have a social network PaidViewer offers 15% bonus on every offer your friends complete FOR LIFE.

Please use my referral link above and come join me!

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